Customer Reviews

" The tattoo enhancer balm with hemp oil works great. I've been using this tattoo enhancer for a couple of years now and not only does it really pop out the tats brilliantly, I spread it all over my arms to vitalize and moisturize my normally dry skin. It works as good if not better on my arms than any other moisturizer.

     - Gary Springer, Veteran

" I've been using the hyaluronic acid moisture boost for a few weeks now and I LOVE IT!! I see less wrinkles in a matter of only a few days. After a week, I can hardly see any wrinkles. It's crazy! I'm always puffy around my eyes and I see a drastic reduction in puffiness after using this serum as well. I should have bought it sooner! All of the products by Kona Skin Care Company are kick ass! The hyaluronic acid moisture boost and the vitamin C Serum combo has been live changing for me! Thank You So Much!"

     - Tijen, Salon 101

" Many people of told us they use our Hydro bomb CBD bomb in their daily routines to help with an array of things; including this local podiatrist here in Kona “I use this on all my patients and it’s extremely effective and relieving pain and soothing the affected area. Good stuff!"

     - Dr Mark Senft

" The Hydrabomb CBD bomb hype continues! Not only does this local doctor use her CBD bomb personally but she will be selling and endorsing our product at her office! This is what she had to say “I use the Hydrabomb CBD bomb on my beat up legs and it was the only thing that did anything for the pain. It also helped clear up my skin! Would definitely recommend."

     - Dr. Claudia Christman

" Dr. Kris Devers at Coco dental user Hydro bomb CBD bomb personally as well as caring it at his office for patients “as a dentist I’m on my feet all day with patients and it really gets to my back working long hours. The CBD bomb really helps relieve the tension and discomfort for me I would definitely recommend it.“

     - Dr. Kris Devers

" We thank you all for your continued support, it has been amazing to see us grow! We like to give back to the community, much like this local chiropractor, Dr. Todd Ichistita. He was awarded the Lei Niho Palaoa award three years in a row as the best chiropractor on the big Island. Dr. also volunteers and coaches soccer for the Kona crush soccer academy during his free time. He will be carrying a Hydrabomb CBD bomb at his office and using it on patients much aloha Dr. Todd, keep up the good work!"

     - Dr. Todd Ichistita