Our Story

Aloha Mai Kakou and Welcome to KONA SKIN CARE!

The story of Kona Skin Care is truly inspiring and underscores the power of personal experience in driving innovation and change. Facing a challenging battle with cancer, Bruce Robins experienced firsthand the detrimental effects of harsh chemotherapy on his skin. This led to a profound frustration with the existing skincare products on the market, particularly those that were supposed to cater to sensitive skin. Bruce's experience in the skincare industry, coupled with his own struggle, ignited a passion to create something better, something more attuned to the needs of individuals with sensitive skin.

The birth of Kona Skin Care was a response to this need. Located in the beautiful setting of Kona, Hawai’i, the brand is deeply rooted in the natural riches of the area. Bruce’s vision was to harness the natural, exotic extracts that Hawai’i offers, such as Kona coffee, volcanic clay, vitamin C, 'Ahinahina from Maui, Kukui nut oil, Hemp Oil, Aloe Vera, and Sugar Cane. These ingredients are not only emblematic of the Hawaiian spirit but are also known for their healing and nourishing properties.

The philosophy of Kona Skin Care goes beyond just creating effective skincare products. It's about a commitment to environmental sustainability and a belief in the power of natural ingredients to heal and rejuvenate. This mindset is reflected in their use of ingredients that are sourced responsibly and are gentle both on the skin and the environment. 

By blending modern skincare technology with these remarkable natural resources, Kona Skin Care stands as a testament to the idea that skincare can be both luxurious and conscientious. The brand is not just a business but a mission - a mission to promote beautiful, healthy skin while respecting and preserving the natural world that makes such skincare possible.

Bruce's journey from pain and frustration to healing and inspiration is a powerful narrative that highlights the importance of personal experiences in shaping our approach to health and wellness. Kona Skin Care is more than a brand; it's a story of transformation, healing, and respect for the natural world.